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Budapest is a cultural city with plenty to visit and also lots of amazing events that take place all over the year. These events gather not only locals but people from every corner of the world as well. We want to help you make the most of your holiday spent in this city and that’s why we will show you a few excellent events that you must not miss.

Budapest Short Film Festival

At the end of each August, the city becomes the center of the short film world. There are plenty of young filmmakers from all over the world that compete in three categories: animation, experimental, and fiction. The official language is without a doubt English and all the movies presented will come with an English subtitle. There are around 74 films from over 30 countries that will be held for six days. Take a look at the official website so that you can find out more details and also book your tickets in case you want to participate.

Jewish Summer Festival

Every year, Budapest introduces the Jewish culture to locals and tourists as well by holding this wonderful event. The festival is held on the Great Synagogue in Dohany Street. This Synagogue is actually the second largest of this type in the entire world. The program includes several concerts, movie screenings, and more.

Budapest International Half Marathon

You can either attend this marathon as a spectator or as a participant. The route starts at Pets and it finishes at in City Park. Last year the marathon gathered not more and not less than 10.500 runners from countries such as New Zealand, USA, Venezuela, Canada, and Mexico. The organizers prepare water, Powerade iso drinks, fresh fruits, and glucose as well for the participants. More than this, there will also be 5 pianos alongside the road playing classical music so that runners can be highly motivated to achieve their goal.

Sweet Days – Chocolate and Candy Festival

If you want to try the best Hungarian sweets then this festival is the right place for you. You must not follow a diet if you really want to try all these delicacies. Take the kids with you as well as there will be some kid-friendly programs to entertain the small ones. You will also have the occasion to try various syrups, many types of wines, coffee, vanilla, seeds, and honey. If you don’t have a partner or a friend with you on the vacation, then you should go for an escort. Budapest is the right place for single men as there are many escorts waiting to keep them company and also satisfy their fantasies.

World Press Photo

If you love photography then this event is excellent for you. There will be displayed photographs about everyday life, sport, arts, and even politics. You will enjoy around 200 amazing photos made by photographers all over the world. These photos have actually been chosen by an international jury and they will be exposed at this event between the 25th of September and 25th of October. Therefore, if you travel to Budapest at this time we strongly recommend you attend the World Press Photo event as it is an absolutely amazing one. Check the official website for more details and also for booking your tickets.